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I had the chance to experience technology ever since my father bought me a computer when I was in primary school. As a kid, I was attracted to the games and my father always told me that using the technology created is the first step and the second step is to create something that would help other people. And so, I started studying more and got myself into the Computer Science major so that I can create things that would help other people. I started working as a part time web developer around the Fourth quarter of 2016. Then I started freelancing and started the internship as an android developer as I was curious how mobile apps consume the api data. Then I worked at companies after graduation to gain more experience while looking for the one that suits my beliefs.

One year after arriving in Japan, I felt that I can only be satisfied with myself after finding the company that suits my beliefs. And so, I started looking for new opportunities, and came across Zigzag. At first, I was attracted to the tech stack being used and the work environment. So, I decided to join the company and proceeded with the interviews. And after I found out the stories and main idea behind it, I loved everything about it as the service is using technology to satisfy the wishes of people across the globe and wished to contribute more to it.


We evolve services to improve service reliability and efficiency. We also introduce new features, new technologies and new services to provide our teams with different tools to meet different needs.


The environment is very comfortable for me. I am learning new things every day. And it is like an ever evolving and self-improving mind-set.

Knowing that I am a part of people who are working on a service that creates “Thank You.” I am really happy and it means a lot to me.


I am not good with Japanese and even worse with Kanji. I am trying to learn it but I’m still not used to it yet. Communication in the Dev team is in English but that with other teams is in Japanese, so, I take a lot of time reading the conversations.


I want to learn more from the team and environment while also having more fun exchanges. I want to be able to contribute more to the company that is working on a service that creates “Thank You.”


ニックネームThant / Zin
部署・役職Development本部 エンジニア
略歴Started to join the industry just before graduation. Mainly interested in application development, system architecture and new technologies. 18 months after arriving to Japan, joined Zigzag in the 2021 second half.
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